Training Your Parakeet to Dance

Dancing provides your parakeet with exercise and bonding with you. Before working on your parakeet’s dance moves, ensure he is comfortable with you. Talk or sing to him softly while close to his cage. Drape your hand in the cage for exploration and hand feed your parakeet. Work with your bird so you can take him out of the cage with ease. Set up a level dance floor. Place your parakeet on the dance floor and play some music. Keep the music at a normal level so you don’t frighten your parakeet. You may need to try a variety of music genres before you find one your parakeet will dance to. Some birds like classic rock while others enjoy the blues, salsa or even opera. Dance along with your bird by shifting your feet and bobbing your head. Soon your parakeet will enjoy dancing with you. Learn more from your vet clinic Dallas, GA.


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