Eyelid Lacerations in Dogs

Eye illnesses or injuries can be common in dogs. They can often range from small irritations to bigger lacerations. No matter the size of the eye irritation or injury always call your vet for assistance. A small eye issue can develop into a larger one fairly quickly if not treated quickly by a professional. If your dog has swollen or torn eyelid call your vet. Your dog’s eyelid helps keep his eye moistened and lubricated and is necessary to protect the eye. If there is a tear or laceration then the eyelid cannot do its job and the eye could suffer from it as well. Your vet will probably need to examine the eyelid then suture or sew it up with stitches right away. If the eyelid is torn do not attempt to tear it completely or stitch it yourself. Always wait for your professional vet Oconomowoc, WI to examine and treat the eye. Visit this website for more information.


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