Money Cats

Have you ever heard the term ‘Money Cats’? If not, it usually refers to a tortoiseshell cat or a tortie cat. The tortoiseshell is a term that describes the coat coloring of female cats. The tortoiseshell coloring is hardly ever found in male counts although it’s not completely impossible. The coloring comes from the similarities in that of a tortoiseshell. The color patter in made up of a red and black color combination with an occasional white blend thrown in. The colors are usually found closely mixed or in large patches. Red may refer to orange or yellow or even cream colors while black may refer to chocolate, grey, tabby or blue colors. Cats with a tabby pattern along with the tortoiseshell colors are often called Torbies. The name money cat comes from the idea that these cats are generally hard to find or most sought after. Your vets New Orleans, LA can give you more details on this unique cat.


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