Vegetables You Should NOT Feed Dogs

It’s fun to give dogs treats that are healthy, safe, and all natural. Vegetables are some of the safest and healthiest snack options for people and dogs. Canines especially have a taste for green beans and peas. However, there are some veggies that should be avoided due to their toxicity to dogs. Here are just a few as listed by the American Kennel Club: Tomatoes are not a good idea for dogs. The ripened or red part is usually OK, but the plant itself (especially the green parts) can be toxic. It’s best to have your dogs avoid tomato plants and tomatoes completely. Mushrooms are also a big no for dogs. Wild mushrooms can cause the most harm and should be avoided at all costs. Onions should also be avoided as well. Onions can fatally poison dogs and cats so keep them clear of these. For more tips on what not to feed your dog, call your pet clinic New Orleans, LA.


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