How to Wash a Horse Blanket

Horse blankets are a big need in the winter and even in the summer when the temperatures are cool and the rain is constant. But how do you wash and clean the blanket after regular use and countless rolls in the mud? First, do not wash the blanket in your regular sized washing machine. Do not take it to a cleaners either. Horse blankets are large and require commercial size or heavy duty machines. You could break the Laundromat machines not to mention most Laundromats ask that horse blankets not be washed there. Some barns may supply an oversized washer while other barns may provide a pick up service to send your blankets to a professional for cleaning. If your blanket isn’t all that dirty, you could hang it over the fence, spray it down with the hose and leave it to dry. For more ideas, give your animal hospital Pickerington, OH a call.


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