Your Cat and Cancer

Your cat may develop cancer because of hereditary or environmental causes so it is essential you take preventative steps. Check your cat for lumps and swelling, and look for persistent sores. Signs of cancer can include weight loss or abrupt breathing difficulties, diarrhea, vomiting and abnormal discharge. Bad breath can be a symptom too so be diligent in determining if your cat has a major health issue with cancer. Your cat may need blood work or urine and feces tests. She may also need a biopsy to determine whether she has cancer. Take preventative measures to reduce the risk that your cat will contract cancer such as spaying or neutering and eliminating exposure to carcinogen-laced chemicals. Prevent exposure to secondhand smoke. Successful recovery from cancer depends on early diagnosis and treatment so seek medical care if symptoms occur. Learn more from your pet clinic Marietta, GA.


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