Bite Wounds In Dogs

Bites wounds in dogs requires to be checked out and treated by a veterinarian. In fact, it is one of the most common emergencies in veterinary clinics and hospitals. Any bite wound should be given proper medical intervention regardless of whether it is caused by another dog in your home or fighting with an unfamiliar animal. 

Even with domestication, biting still comes naturally for dogs, something that they have inherited from their wild ancestors. As pets, there are various reasons or motives why adult dogs bite. It may be a means of communication, the presence of perceived threats, or to resolve hierarchy issues. Biting is usually accompanied by other displays of aggressive behavior such as snapping, growling, snarling, or lunging. 

Dogs instinctively go for the fatal bite, thus bite wounds are usually found around the neck, head, or legs. It is in the neck where vital structures, such as the esophagus, trachea, major blood vessels, and nerves are present. Bites to the face can cause major damage to the dog’s eyes, mouth, or ears. 

Bite wounds should warrant a visit to the nearest veterinarian Frisco TX immediately.


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