The Risk of Salmonella Exposure When Handling Small Pets

Guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice and rabbits make fun pets but you need to protect your family from salmonella exposure. Humans can experience severe diarrhea if exposed to the salmonella bacteria. To minimize salmonella transmission, look for signs of diarrhea, breathing difficulties or unusual discharge from your pet’s nose or eyes. Examine your pet’s behavior and look for alertness and enthusiasm. Seek medical attention if you see any sign of illness in your pet. Some small pets may carry salmonella without being sick. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling your pet, after touching anything from the cage, and especially after cleaning activities to best prevent salmonella exposure. Don’t allow your pet in food preparation areas or eat anything while handling your pet. Keep your small pet away from your mouth and never kiss it. Supervise children so they follow these precautions too. Learn more from your pet clinic Tipp City, OH.


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