What to Do If There’s Something in Your Dog’s Eye

Dogs love to play and occasionally they can get things in their eye like debris, dirt, sand, or small objects. It’s important to make sure your dog is OK and has no injuries when he comes in from playing outdoors with himself or with other dogs and animals. If you notice your dog’s eye is irritated or watery, check the eye to see if there’s anything in it. You can do this by taking your thumb and lifting the upper eyelid. This will give you a view of underneath to check for debris. If there appears to be something in the eye, give your vet a call and ask for assistance or schedule a checkup. Your vet may suggest flushing the eye with a cleaner to see if that helps your dog to stop blinking or dries up the gunk. Your dog may need to see your vets Carrollton, GA in person to receive a checkup and treatment


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