The Portuguese Water Dog

Summertime usually calls for a lot of outdoor activities around the water where it’s a bit cooler and there’s lots of space to splash around and cool off. If you love life on the water and you’re looking for a dog that shares your passion then check out the Portuguese water dog. Originally bred to retrieve fish, lost tackle and broken nets, this dog was born for the water. He was also used to carry messages from boat to land and back again. The breed is intelligent, athletic, agile, and a loyal companion. The Portuguese water dog is also a non-shedding dog and does well with people who suffer from allergies. He’s an eager to please and easy to train canine friend that has a lifespan of around 10 to 14 years. If this sounds like the dog for you, ask your vet Forest Hill, MD for tips on seeking a breeder or a place to adopt.


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