Inhalation Allergy (Atopy) In Dogs

Atopy is an overreaction of a dog’s immune system to allergens that are airborne or inhaled. There are various allergens that can trigger atopy including dust, molds, or pollen. Atopy flareups usually have dogs itching during specific seasons of the year. Intense itching causes them to scratch, lick, and bite persistently at itchy areas of the body, especially the feet and face. Itching may also be present around the ears, eyes, armpits, and the inner part of the hind legs. Although less frequently, dogs may also exhibit respiratory symptoms in addition to itching. 

There are 2 tests that can be used to determine the exact cause of pruritus. These are the intradermal allergic skin test and the allergic IgE tests. Allergic injections can be given to dogs suffering from allergies, however alleviation of allergy symptoms have been observed in only about half of the dogs that receive treatment. 

If your dog frequently suffers from bout of allergy, talk to your trustworthy vets Plano TX about the best treatment option for your pet. 


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