Ear Infections in Dogs

Did you know that ear infections or ear aches can be common in our canine companions? If you see your dog constantly scratching at his ears or even his head, check it out and take note of other behaviors. For instance, your dog may also walk around unbalanced and even may shake his head or flap his ears like he has something in his ears. Schedule a checkup with your vet for a closer look. Your dog’s ears could be irritated or infected. Never stick anything in your dog’s ears yourself. Most ear infections start in the outer ear and move inside the ear canal. If not treated the infection can cause severe pain. Causes of ear infections include swimming, wax build up, grass seeds, ear mites, etc. Treatment usually consists of an antibiotic drop or cream depending on the type of infection. Talk with your veterinarians Murrieta, CA for treatment advice or click on the given link.


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