Should I Leave Potty Pads Down for My House Trained Dog?

Leaving potty pads down for your house trained dog depends on the dog and perhaps even you as the owner. First, did you train your dog to use potty pads? If so then leaving them down while you’re home or not home is a good idea since your pup knows that he can potty there. If you don’t leave the pads down your pup may be unable to hold it and end up having an accident. If he’s trained to use potty pads then he’s probably going to be looking for them. If your dog isn’t trained to use potty pads then don’t use them or leave them on the floor unless you are going to be gone for a long period of time (several hours not days). Your pup isn’t used to using the pads, but if you’re running late and he has to go then he may use the potty pads. Learn more from your professional veterinary clinic Tampa FL.


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