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Why your dog begs for food when he has his own

Your dog is always offered nutrient-dense food when mealtime rolls around. However, he still begs for something off your plate, even if he has just eaten his meal and you know he isn’t hungry. Why does he do this?

Your pet takes the time to beg because he thinks his efforts will be rewarded. Your dog enjoys eating and he trusts you. This means he believes you are eating something tasty that he will enjoy too. Begging is his way of letting you know he wants to try a bite. If you offer him some, you are reinforcing this habit and making him more likely to beg for some food in the future. If you refrain from doing so and ignore his attempts, he will likely learn that this behavior doesn’t pay off and will stop engaging in it. For more information, please contact your local Pickerington, OH veterinarians.


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