Medical Reasons May Be Causing Your Pet’s Pica Behavior

Pica refers to ingestion of things that are not considered as food such as plastic, stones, wood, or dirt. This behavior can have a behavioral or medical basis. 

Mouthing is a natural canine behavior. As puppies they use their mouth as an important tool to learn more about their surroundings. The chew, bite, pull, and nip things to learn more about them. Experts think that pica may be an extension of the behavior which now includes swallowing. 

Pica may also be an important symptom of an intestinal upset or stomach pain due to hyperacidity, excessive gassiness, etc. In some cases, feeding a premium quality diet can alleviate symptoms. 

When a dog is brought to a veterinarian for pica behavior, a nutritional deficiency may also be considered a possible cause. Dogs that are deficient in sodium or iron have been know to engage in pica. Your vet clinic Salem, VA may also take steps to rule out intestinal parasites. 


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