Can Cats Eat Yogurt?

Yogurt is a milk-based product. It is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. It is now available in various flavors and textures. While there are cat parents who give small amounts of yogurts to their cats, it is not necessarily ideal for your cat. These products are, however, not toxic to cats. The problem occurs when a cat is lactose intolerant, which many adult cats are. Unlike kittens, adult cats produce less amounts of lactase, an enzyme that breaks down the milk sugar lactose. With less of the enzyme, the body is unable to break down and metabolize lactose which can eventually lead to manifestation of symptoms that include digestive upsets and gassiness. In some cats, the symptoms can be severe. More so, of the yogurt has been flavored with onion, garlic, and other ingredients that are toxic to cats. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s health and/or behavior should be checked out by your pet clinic Cameron Park, CA.


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