Microchipping your Cat

Have you thought about having your cat microchipped? Should your cat run away and somehow lose his collar then he will lose his ID information. If your cat, however, is microchipped then if he gets lost or even stolen and is found and scanned for a chip the vet or animal control officer doing the scanning will be notified that the cat has been reported missing and the family is looking for him. Having a microchip on your cat is a great way to help ensure your cat’s safety as well as your cat’s ID should he get lost. If your cat isn’t microchipped ask your vet about the cost and procedure. Microchipping is pretty painless. The microchip is injected just below the skin between the shoulder blades. It’s about the same as a basic shot. If you want to microchip your cat call and schedule a time with your Savannah, GA veterinarian.


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