Arthritis And Nutrition For Cats

Did you know that your arthritic cat can benefit from a change in diet? Yes, studies have shown that nutrition can make a huge impact on the quality of life of cats diagnosed with osteoarthritis. 

Maintaining a very lean body condition is very important in arthritic cats. Carrying extra pounds can put unnecessary pressure on the weight-supporting joints of the body and contribute to pain and discomfort. If your cat is obese or overweight, helping your cat lose weight should be on top of your to-do list. It is recommended that you work with your vet Farmers Branch, TX in creating a weight loss regimen that can help your cat get rid of the extra weight in a healthy manner. While losing weight, a veterinarian-prescribed diet can contribute significantly to achieving the desired weight by burning fat and building muscles. The ultimate goal is for an arthritic cat to have a lean body condition, which means the waistline should be well-defined when viewing your cat from above. The ribs should also be easily felt when you run your hand on the sides of the cat’s chest. 


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