How Bladder Stones In Cats Are Formed

Bladder stones in cats are one of the common reasons for visits to the vet clinic. One commonly accepted theory for the formation of bladder stones is known as the precipitation-crystallization theory. Urine contains various stone-forming crystalline compounds. Dietary abnormalities or certain health issues can cause any of these crystalline compounds to increase in amount and once it exceeds the threshhold level, there is complete saturation of the urine which means it is unable to hold anymore of the elevated compound. When this happens, the excess precipitates and form tiny crystals that can irritate the lining of the urinary bladder. Irritation causes an increase in mucus production. As the crystals and mucus combine, they gradually increase in size and harden into bladder stones. 

Talk to your pet clinic Teller County, CO about the best way to protect your pet from bladder stones. 


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