Can Gerbils have Food Aggression?

Gerbils aren’t typically known to be aggressive. However, it’s important to realize that aggression is often a learned behavior or habit. This means that your gerbil could start biting, scratching or lunging out at you around food because of a past experience where he learned that he could get his food sooner if he acted in this manner. In cases like these, it’s important to stop the behavior and reverse it by training it out of our gerbil. You can do this by feeding your gerbil at the same time each day so he doesn’t think he will miss his meal. If he lunges out, don’t feed him right away. Wait for him to be calm and even distracted with something else. If the gerbil is being aggressive around other gerbils, separate them for feedings. Ask your animal hospital Savannah, GA for more tips.


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