What Causes Seizures in Hamsters

Is your hamster having seizure related activities? If so, make sure you notify your vet about the seizures and include detailed information such as how often they occur, how long they last, and what your hamster ate, drank, and did before and after. There are different reasons for seizures. Some hamsters may have them as a result of something they ate (i.e. something toxic). Other hamsters may have them because they are genetically prone to them. The cause may not always be known. Not all seizures happen the same way either. Some hamsters may simply have a tilt of the head while other hamsters may convulse or have shaking fits. Additional causes for seizures may include diabetes, brain injuries, stroke, or even an inner ear infection. Consult with your pet clinic Glen Ellyn, IL to learn more about seizures, how they can affect your hamster, and how you can help your hamster.


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