Cancer Prevention for Your Dog

Some dog breeds have a higher risk of cancer than others. If your dog falls into the high-risk breed category, you need to be even more diligent. Manage health and lifestyle issues that could cause cancer. Dogs are living longer because of quality health care but with long life, comes the risk for disease. You can drastically lower the risk of mammary and testicular cancers by spaying or neutering your dog. Protect against disease with vaccinations.  These vaccinations work to keep your dog’s immune system strong, which can lower the risk of cancer. Keep your dog’s overall health good by feeding him a high-quality, nutritionally complete dog food. Protect your dog from household chemicals, pesticides and lawn care chemicals. These chemicals are both poisonous and will increase the risk of cancer. Keep your dog out of places where he could inhale secondhand smoke. Talk to your reputed veterinary clinic Fort Collins, CO  for details.


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