A Great Feline ‘Mouser’

Are you in need of a brilliantly successful mouser cat to control your rodent population? If so, check out the American Shorthair. Not only is this cat known to be the best mouser around, but it’s also said to be the friendliest feline and best family cat. In fact, the American Shorthair is considered to be the most popular and often most sought after feline breed. They originated in the early 10th century and eventually made their way to the British Isles where they were called British Shorthairs. When the early settlers traveled to the Americas they took the cats with them to keep the rodent population down on the ships as well as to catch mice in the New World. The cat quickly became known as the American Shorthair. This particular feline is friendly, intelligent, low maintenance and can live between 15 and 20 years. Consult with you veterinarian Roanoke, VA to learn more.


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