Treating Canine Acne

Just like pimple or acne in humans, the most common treatment for acne in dogs is a topical preparation of benzoyl peroxide. The product helps flush out the tissue debris in the hair follicles and reduce the possibility of bacterial contamination. Benzoyl peroxide may be enough to resolve mild canine acne, however, severe cases may require long-term application of the product coupled with steroids to decrease the inflammation. If the acne is infected, your veterinarian may prescribe a topical antibiotic. 

If you see a pimple on your pet’s face, resist the temptation to pop the zits. Squeezing them can increase the risk of hair follicle rupture which can only worsen the inflammation and increase the risk of secondary bacterial infection. If you can identify the cause of your pet’s acne, it is best to remove the culprit from your pet’s immediate environment. 

It is important to follow the instructions regarding medications and treatment as prescribed by a vets Portage, MI. 


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