How Heartworms Are Transmitted in Ferrets

Heartworms are a problem in dogs, cats, and even exotic animals like the ferret. If you’re a ferret owner or plan to be then talk with your vet to learn about heartworm disease in ferrets. Because of the small size of ferrets, heartworms can be much more damaging to a ferret than a dog. You can help prevent your ferret from getting heartworms by having him tested yearly and placed on a monthly heartworm prevention medication. Heartworms can grow to be about a foot long. They enter your ferret’s bloodstream via a mosquito bite. Mosquitoes are the primary transmitters. The worms grow in the bloodstream and become infectious in about 10 to 14 days. They can attack the heart and other vital organs in a ferret and even cause a blockage in the bloodstream. Consult with your animal hospital Sugar Land, TX to learn more about this disease.


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