Benefits Of Spaying Female Dogs

Every responsible pet owner knows the importance of having a female dog spayed especially if there is no plan of having her produce any offspring.  

Female  dogs that undergo spaying wont’ develop pyometra, a potentially fatal  infection of the uterus. They may also have lower risks of getting breast cancer, depeding  on the age the dog is spayed. An intact dog comes into heat twice a  year and these times can be bothersome to everyone as she tries to  escape in search of a partner and the number of male dogs gathering in  the yard outside. While  she is in heat, there will be some bleeding on your floor or carpet. If  your intact female dog has an unplanned pregnancy, there is the  possibility of an emergency C-section which can be expensive. If the  mother dog has poor maternal instincts, you may also be tasked to bottle-feed her puppies.  

Talk to your Leesburg, VA veterinarian about the best time to have your pet spayed. Visit this link to learn more:


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