Weepy or Watery Eyes in Cats

Part of taking care of your cat’s overall health and wellness is keeping a check on your cat’s eyes and making sure they are free of drainage, gunk, and clear and dry. If you notice that your cat has overly watery eyes or weepy eyes, give your vet a call and schedule an appointment. There’s several reasons why your cat’s eyes may be weepy or watery. For instance, your cat could have allergies causing her eyes to run or even her eyes to water especially if she’s sneezing as well. Your cat may also have dirt or debris in her eye causing it to be irritated. When this happens the eye may naturally water up to wash out whatever is stuck in the eye. Other causes of watery eyes in cats may include injury, trauma or even infection or illness. Make sure you talk to your vet before self treating. Your vet Rochester, NY may recommend flushing the eye with a rinse and following up with an exam.


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