Nose Bleeds in Dogs

People are often prone to nosebleeds if they have pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, sinusitis, or other sinus related conditions. The same can be true in some canines. If your dog has a nose bleed every once in a while it’s probably not much to be concerned about. It could happen as the result of a scratch inside the nose or an injury. However, if nosebleeds are happening regularly then you should call your vet and have your dog checked out. Some dogs may have a condition called coagulopathy which is when the blood doesn’t clot like it should. A simply bump of the nose could cause what looks like a major bleed. Nosebleeds can also be signs of illnesses like cancer of leukemia. A nosebleed does not automatically mean your dog has cancer, however. You need your Washington DC veterinarian to examine your pup and make a diagnosis. More information here:


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