Finding Treats for Senior Cats

Feeding your cat a treat as a reward for good behavior or just because is one of the ways people bond with their cats. If you have a senior cat or a cat with very few teeth left, finding a suitable, soft treat to feed can be difficult. In situations like these you may want to consider cutting up small, soft pieces of fruit, feeding out dabs of plain yogurt, or look for training or kitten treats at your pet store. Kittens are given soft treats and training rewards because their teeth have not yet matured to handle crunchy treats. You can use these soft treats for your senior cats as well. Just check the ingredients to make sure there aren’t extra vitamins or booster ingredients included that your senior cat does not need. If your cat likes dog food or dog treats, try a soft dog treat as an alternative as well. For more ideas, talk with your vet Washington DC.


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