Why your dog gets upset when it’s stormy outside

You have a dog in your life who tends to get a bit nervous when the weather is stormy outside. Why is this?

Your pet needs you to take the time to figure out what she is feeling so you can help calm her down. Loud noises alert your pet to something happening around her, and she is immediately trying to find the source of the noises from the storm. She will typically find where a noise is coming from and then determine if it is a threat to her or not, but she remains on edge during a storm because she can’t find the noise’s source. Show her that she isn’t in any danger by calmly interacting with her so she can see that you aren’t worried. Stay nearby when you can and offer distractions to take her mind off the weather whenever you can. Your local Newmarket, ON vet can offer additional guidance. More tips can be found at your Armitage Animal Clinic office.


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