Potential Dangers Of Essential Oils In Dogs

While there are essential oils, such as lavender, which are now being used to relieve anxiety and stress in dogs, some essential oils can actually be toxic to them. Some essential oils that are potentially toxic to pets include pine, tea tree, cinnamon, wintergreen, and citrus oils to name a few. Pet parents should make an effort to determine whether a particular type of essential oil is beneficial to their pets or not. 

Essential oils can be rapidly absorbed into the body when they are ingested or applied to the skin. This is a primary concern when it comes to the use of essential oils in dogs. Since the oils are metabolized in the liver, it can have a serious effect on dogs with liver disease and other health issues. There are also certain types of oils that are irritating when applied directly to the skin. Tummy troubles can occur when dogs lick any oils off their skin. These are just some of the important reasons why pet owners should seek the guidance of a veterinarian London, ON before using essential oils on their pets. 


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