Understanding Dog Food Recalls

It is alarming to see a recall of a food that you feed your dog. There are recalls for many reasons but most are a result of poor quality control. Recent dog food recalls include those for mold, salmonella or Listeria contamination. If your dog eats this food, he could suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, headaches or abdominal pain. There have been dog food recalls due to the presence of melamine, which is allowed in some places outside the United States but would lead to a recall here. Foods are recalled if they lack certain vitamins or minerals. Larger manufacturers can enact a recall quickly because they have larger financial and personnel resources. However, these same larger dog food manufacturers have a larger distribution channel with more chances for things to go awry. Listen for recalls on the news and the Internet and make an appointment with your veterinary clinic East Dallas, TX if your dog exhibits unusual symptoms.


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