Why Is My Dog Vomiting White Foam?

There are various reasons for vomiting white foam in dogs. Among the top causes are infection, trauma, and inconsistent eating habits. Dogs that have ingested a foreign object can suffer from an upset stomach or indigestion. The foreign object can possibly get lodged along any part of the gastrointestinal tract and cause blockage. There are many potentially toxic products that are used in homes such as cleaners, bug sprays, herbicides, rodenticides, etc. Ingestion of any of these products can lead to display of toxic symptoms including vomiting white foam. 

Bilious vomiting syndrome

The condition is similar to acid reflux that is quite common in humans. When the stomach is empty, bile and stomach acids can cause irritation which can cause a dog to vomit. 


Also called stomach dilation or gastric torsion, bloat is a life-threatening condition in dogs. One of the earliest symptoms of bloat in dogs is vomiting white foam. 

Since there is quite a long list of potential causes of vomiting white foam in dogs, it is recommended that you bring your pet to your local vet clicnic London ON immediately so the underlying problem can be identified and given appropriate treatment. 


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