Moving Your Outdoor Cat Indoors for Good

Outdoor cats have shorter lifespans on average than indoor cats because they are at risk of disease, car accidents, fights with other animals, or even human cruelty. Thus it is a kind act to move your outdoor cat indoors for good. Start by luring your cat inside for all meals. Don’t force her to stay inside at this point but encourage her to use a litter box, play with toys, or even take a nap. Make your home as cat-friendly and fun for her as you can. See if she will sleep inside overnight. As her indoor times get longer you will get a feel when it is time to always keep her inside. Close up the doors and windows and check that there is no way she can escape from your home. Make sure all your family members take care that she doesn’t escape. For more information, contact your Seminole, FL veterinarian. Click this website Dr. Kathy's Veterinary Care, Inc. for additional details.


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