The Physical Uniqueness of the Australian Cattle Dog

Did you know that the Australian Cattle dog originated as early as the 1800s? The breed was developed by Australian settlers looking for a work dog to travel over rough terrain and stick out drastic weather temperatures all while herding cattle and other livestock from one place to the next. The settlers developed the Australian Cattle dog. This breed has two main colors of bluish gray and brownish red. They are often called “Blue Heeler” or “Red HEELER” depending on their dominant colors. ‘Heeler’ in the nickname comes from the dog’s ability to nip at the heels of livestock to direct them on the path, etc. Another nickname is the ‘pirate dog’ due to the markings of the dog’s face giving it the appearance of a black eye patch. If you’d like to learn more about this breed, give your vet Lakeville, MN a call.


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