Cleaning Your Dog's Ears

Your dog’s ears are somewhat self-cleaning but you need to swab them out about twice a month as part of a general grooming routine. Check your dog’s ears frequently for signs of infection such as excessive dark wax, redness or swelling, lacerations or a bad odor. Debris that looks like coffee grounds could be a sign of ear mites. These conditions may need medical attention. Pour a pet-safe ear rinse in the ear canal. Fold over the outer ear and use it to distribute the rinse and soften any debris. Use cotton balls to wipe away debris and dry the ears. You can use cotton swabs but only reach in as far as you can see so you don’t damage the ear canal. Take your time and don’t yell at your dog or punish him if he resists. Just try another time. Consult your vet Hyattsville, MD to learn more.


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