Teaching Tricks to Your Parakeet

Your parakeet can learn fun tricks such as stepping up on your finger, rolling balls, landing on your head, dancing, or climbing up ladders. These tricks will help you bond with your bird while he is getting ample exercise and mental stimulation. The basic method to train your parakeet is to use treats, perches, or other props to lure him into an approximation of the desired behavior. Practice and a command word lead to more reliable behavior. As you practice, insist that your parakeet more closely mimics the desired behavior. Give your parakeet positive attention and praise plus food treats as he performs his tricks. Never punish your bird during training. Don’t start on another trick until your parakeet can reliably perform the trick you are working on. Be patient and kind and most importantly, have fun with your parakeet. Learn more from your veterinarian Boulder, CO.


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