Your Chinchilla’s Diet

Feed your chinchilla a simple diet to keep him healthy. The main element of your chinchilla’s diet should be a high-quality pellet formulated specifically for chinchillas. You may be tempted to give him fruits and vegetables. However, these foods can damage your pet’s health because fruits and vegetables contain too much sugar. Eating them can result in diabetes or obesity. These foods provide too much liquid too. Your chinchilla must have access to fresh, clean water but he descends from desert-dwelling animals. Thus too much fluid can cause bloating, which could kill him. Nuts or seeds are high in fat so you should avoid these foods too. Excess fat can lead to fatty liver. This condition is hard to identify but almost always fatal. Your chinchilla needs lots of timothy hay to keep his digestive tract running smoothly and the constant nibbling keep his teeth trim. Learn more from your veterinarians Oshawa, ON.


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