Complications from Feline Diabetes

Cats are prone to diabetes in a similar way to people. When they have high levels of glucose in their blood and urine this can indicate the presence of diabetes. The cause is either too much or not enough insulin, which is most likely a symptom of another illness. If your cat has diabetes, seek treatment right away. Treatment may be in the form of injections or oral medications. Work with your vet to find the right dosage for your cat. Watch for side effects or complications and report them to your vet. For instance, too much insulin can cause your cat to develop Hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar. This can be dangerous. Signs of Hypoglycemia may include weakness, listlessness, lack of coordination, convulsions and even coma. Treatment will need to be adjusted treatment immediately to counter act this complication. Consult with your veterinarians New Orleans, LA to learn more.


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