The Basenji

If you’re looking for a rare treasure or ‘diamond in the rough’ as some have come to refer to it, then check out the Basenji breed. This is one of the oldest known dog breeds. Archeologists have dated the breed back to early ancient Egypt. The dog originated in Central Africa and is believed to have been transported on the Nile River and given to Pharaohs as gifts. The dog has been seen in ancient Egyptian artwork. The breed is of medium size and a slender build. They have erect ears and a wrinkled forehead. Egyptians used the dog to hunt prey both large and small. The Pygmy tribes still use the dog to hunt today. Besides hunting, the Basenji is also a loyal companion that is laid back and does well in most environments. They are playful and independent. Your vet Metairie, LA can tell you the breed self grooms and doesn’t bark much. For more details, click here.


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