What is a Feral Cat?

Have you heard of the term ‘feral cat’ before? Ever wondered what that actually means? You may be familiar with other similar terms such as untamed, un-socialized, undomesticated or even untrained outdoor cat. These are all related to feral cats. They are wild cats that have always lived outdoors and have had little to no human interaction. They are not stray cats. Strays are typically pet cats that have run away or gotten lost and now live on the street. Feral cats tend to live in colonies or groups in alleys, parks, dumps, or other dark areas or areas with trash where they can easily feed. There is a desire to help the feral cats. Some people want them trapped and taken to a humane society to be adopted out. While others, want them trapped, spayed or neutered and then re-released. Talk to your Glendale, AZ veterinary clinic to learn more about feral cats.


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