Milk and Cats

Contrary to popular belief, cats should not be given milk to drink at least not on a regular basis. If you have kittens that are in need of milk then look for a kitten milk replacer. Straight up milk can hurt cats due to its high lactose. That’s right, cats are allergic to lactose or as some say they are lactose intolerant. Cats are not able to digest milk due to a lack of enzymes in their systems. Kittens are born with lactose digesting enzymes and may fare better if given milk. However, as a cat grows he will lose these enzymes and become unable to digest milk. If you’re cat has thrown up after drinking milk it’s not because he drank it too fast. Common symptoms of lactose intolerance include diarrhea and vomiting which usually occurring within 8 or 12 hours. Talk to your veterinarian Glendale, AZ to find out if your cat can have other dairy products.


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