Potential Complications Of Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) In Cats

Most types of upper respiratory infection (URI) can easily be passed between cats. Some viral infections, like feline herpesvirus, tend to re-occur in cats that have been previously infected with the problem. Being exposed to stressors like boarding, surgery, or the arrival of a new cat into the household may induce a relapse and the display of symptoms of URI. Mother cats can shed or pass virus into the environment when kittens are about 5-7 weeks old, at which time, maternal immunity that is acquired by the kittens from their mother’s milk is diminishing. This scenario shows that kittens can possibly acquire the health problem when their immature immune systems are still developing. This is one important reason why kittens that are sold in pet stores appear healthy and come down with colds after arriving in their new homes. 

If you have a new kitten, make an appointment with your vet clinic Aurora, CO for your pet’s wellness check and vaccinations.


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