Bathing Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are pretty much self-cleaning if you are diligent at keeping the habitat clean. Try to spot clean him with pet-safe shampoo and a wet washcloth if there are small areas to be cleaned. However, there may be times when your guinea pig gets stinky or sticky and just needs a full bath. Use a basin with a towel in the bottom so your guinea pig doesn’t slip. Pour lukewarm water on your guinea pig to wet him thoroughly. You can try the sink sprayer but be aware that some pigs may be frightened. Lather him up with pet-safe shampoo formulated for small mammals. Don’t get soap in his eyes, nose or mouth. Rinse him well, towel dry and brush your guinea pig. Keep him warm and wait till he is completely dry before putting him back into his enclosure. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Marion, IA.


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