My Senior Cats Keeps Eating and Throwing Up

Senior cats can develop a number of illnesses related to their age in much the same way a person does. For instance, senior cats may become senile or develop dementia which is often referred to as Cognitive Dysfunction System or CDS. CDS can cause your cat to become disoriented and to suffer from memory loss. This could be why your senior cat is eating constantly and throwing up. She may go to her food bowl and ask to be fed. You feed her and then in a few seconds she comes back asking again. She doesn’t remember she just ate. She also thinks she’s hungry. If you feed her or keep food down all day, she may overeat hence the reason for throwing up. The sad thing is, even after she throws up she may still ask for more because she’s forgetful. If this sounds like your cat, call your vets Crown Point, IN and schedule an exam.


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