Keeping Your Cat off the Kitchen Counters

Your cat will be attracted to your kitchen counters if she gets food while she is up there. Thus you should never give her food up there. She may use your counters to peruse her territory from a high vantage point. This is annoying and unsanitary when trying to prepare food. Never give your cat food while she is on the counter. If she jumps up, remove her to a safe place promptly. Don’t punish your cat or yell at her while she is learning. Don’t push her off the counters either. Cover the counters with aluminum foil strips or double-sided tape while not in use. These materials feel weird to your cat’s feet and will deter her from walking around up there. Give your cat other perches such as a windowsill or a shelf so she can observe the hubbub in your home from a safe place. Learn more from your reputed veterinary clinic Brampton, ON.


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