Hydrotherapy For Dogs

Hydrotherapy is one complementary or alternative care therapies that are now being used in veterinary medicine. The ultimate aim of alternative therapies is healing using a holistic approach. These therapeutic techniques provide a better option to the use of pain medication when it comes to alleviating symptoms associated with a variety of debilitating, degenerative problems that are often chronic in nature, such as hip dysplasia, injuries to the cruciate ligament, degenerative issues affecting the spine, etc. Alternative therapy techniques have also increased the percentage success rate of recovery in post-operative cases. 

In dogs, hydrotherapy is used as an alternative to high-impact exercise for dogs with arthritis, cruciate ligament injury, and other crippling conditions or chronic conditions affecting the bone. It is done in a pool where moving in water minimizes stress and possible injury to the body. A body harness fitted around the dog’s body keeps him above the water. For alleviating muscular pain and discomfort, the water in the pool may be heated. There are also hydrotherapy treatments that use underwater resistance jets to simulate a current that the dog should swim against. 

If your dog is undergoing hydrotherapy, your pet will also benefit from regular health checks at your reputed Claws N Paws Animal Hospital .


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