Keeping Your Dog From Escaping Your Yard

Your dog may try to escape from the yard to play with nearby children or other dogs. He may seek out a mate. He may even escape to stave off boredom. Inspect your perimeter fencing for any breaches that your dog can slip through. Consider putting wire fencing or cinder blocks at the bottom of the fence. This will help keep your dog from digging under the fence. Ensure that the guy is closed and latched at all times. Ask other family member to follow this essential rule too. Make your yard a fun place to be with toys and exercise apparatus to keep your dog busy. Don’t leave your dog in the yard alone for long periods of time. Better yet, get out in the yard and play with your dog. Make sure your dog gets enough exercise so he is less likely to want to wander. Learn more from your best veterinarians Washington DC.


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