Watch out for These Toxic Plants around Your Dogs

Did you know that right now there are probably mixtures of safe and not so safe plants in your backyard? From flowers and ferns to lilies and fruit trees, there’s a wide range of plant life to grow and to avoid growing if you have dogs. In fact, research estimates more than 700 types of toxic, harmful plants that can cause your dog to be ill or even die if eaten. For instance, a large number of toxic plants include lilies, bulbs of tulips, azaleas, elephant ears, various types of ferns, aloe plants, etc. If your dog should eat these plants or even the leaves of these plants, they could become serious ill and develop systems like gastrointestinal irritation, drooling, loss of appetite, seizures, vomiting, damage to the central nervous system and cardiac abnormalities. Talk to your vets Burlington, ON to find out which plants may be toxic in your backyard.


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