Don’t Give These Foods To Pet Birds

The digestive system of birds differ significantly from that of humans, thus there are certain human foods that they are unable to metabolize efficiently and can cause harm or lead to life-threatening effects. Some of these foods include:


Excessive salt in the diet can be bad for birds, although they will need a little in their diet to support physiological functions of the body. Before sharing any of your food with your pet bird, check out the product labels to see if it contains any salt or sodium. Seemingly harmless food like cereals and crackers can have high sodium or salt content. 


Alcohol is definitely a No-No for birds. Even a few ml can be toxic because it can be absorbed very quickly. Alcohol in the bloodstream can easily reach major organs of the body and shut down vital functions. 

If your bird has eaten something that you are not sure is good for your pet, call your Forest Hill, MD veterinary clinic immediately. The staff can instruct you on what to do and whether you need to bring in your pet. Visit for more information.


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